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A colorful, crunchy sprout you can be wild about!

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The Wild About Sprouts  Cold Grown  process:

A patented solution that grows:

  • a SAFER sprout

  • a more SUSTAINABLE sprout

  • a LIVING sprout harvested at home
  • 21-day shelf life



Growth of Cryo Sprouts – Patent # 10015936 USA

Growth of Cryo Sprouts – Patent # 2893563 Canada

Growth of Cryo-Sprouts – Patent # 11,102,922 USA


Wild About Sprouts nutritionals:
In 100 grams of sprouts

  • 70 calories

  • 6.8g protein

  • 4.8g total dietary fiber

5x more protein than romaine lettuce
2x more protein than conventional sprouts

2.6x more fiber than conventional sprouts
1.5x more fiber than lettuce

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Innovative sustainability

Our sprouts are sustainably grown and environmentally friendly!

  • 1/4 cup of water used per package

  • Non-GMO, herbicide-free, pesticide-free

  • Simple and clean ingredients: seeds and water

  • Recyclable packaging


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