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Our Roots

Ready for a little history lesson? We’ll try to make this painless.     

                      Once upon a time, our founder, Jeff Sholl, was
approached by Johns Hopkins School of

                               Medicine to help with the advancement of broccoli sprouts. As you may know, broccoli is a member of the cruciferous vegetable family, celebrated for its many health-related benefits. As you may not know, Jeff is literally and figuratively a giant in the industry; first as a preeminent food safety and produce expert, and secondly as former owner of Green Giant Fresh.

Fast forward a few years to when Jeff and food scientisSue Harlander applied for, and received, a patent for a new process known as COLD-GROWN.® Using sub-zero temperatures

during the early growing stage, this innovation

resulted in a new level of safety, while greatly

extending the shelf life of the product.

Of course, the end result of all that diligence and perseverance was, and is, Wild About Sprouts. Using the patented COLD-GROWN® process and an ingenious “out-of-the-box” package, Wild About Sprouts has truly reinvented the category.


Sprouts, Refreshed

                    Conventionally grown sprouts are associated
                                 with large, bulky “drums” and damp conditions,
                                which have been susceptible to pathogen growth.

                              With our COLD GROWN® process, our sprout seeds get planted directly in each package, where they continue to grow untouched until ‘harvested’ by you. So they essentially go straight from the planting to the plate.


Did we mention sustainability?

We might have, but that won’t stop us from giving
you a few more details. Such as, using only ¼ cup
of water for 
each package. Using two simple
ingredients: seeds and H2O. That “out-of-the-box” packaging? 100% recyclable.
And, of course, we use NO herbicides and NO pesticides. Never, ever.

Watering seeds2.png
Grown in pkg3.png

Want to learn more?
Watch our trade tour video.

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