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Wild About Sprouts  Cold Grown  Process

When it comes to the differences between Cold Grown Wild About Sprouts and traditionally grown sprouts, well, there is just no comparison. Here’s why:

The Patented Cold Grown Solution
  • Safer

  • Sustainable

  • No waste

  • No excessive handling

  • Living undisturbed

  • Untouched until harvested at home

  • Final product pathogen tested

  • More nutritious 

The Traditional Way
  • Germinated and tumbled in high volume rotating drums

  • Incubated in warm, damp conditions that promote pathogen growth

  • Moved from drums to bins to washers to dryers to packers; handling that can introduce contaminants and promote spoilage

  • Rinses produce excess waste water that requires disposal

  • Limited, if any pathogen testing of final product

Rä Foods LLC, in conjunction with The Vista Institute, turned away from the old, risky, traditional drum sprout growing methods and developed the new patented Cold Grown process to grow sprouts in cold conditions that cause an actual pathogen die-off. Using our science degrees combined with our passion for safety and our 40 years’ experience in the food industry, we created the Cold Grown Solution for our family and yours to enjoy sprouts again!

We replaced the 50-gallon bulk drums by planting the seeds directly in 3 oz. retail packages so that from planting to the plate, the sprouts remain alive, growing, and completely untouched. In repeated independent laboratory trials using inoculated samples, the patented Cold Grown process was shown to produce an actual die-off of Salmonella and E. coli populations, on the order of an approximate 3 log decrease. Those are the two organisms primarily responsible for food safety issues with traditional sprouts.

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